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This is the art of spirit, nature & cos⁷mos.

Creating, painting, looking, observing, being... are the essences—the waterfall of the soul/s.

As look to the surface, friends appear and we talk, as we talk they show themself even more, and I paint them. Love to see them, and we love to live our creation. 

~~meaning is in bet-ween~~

Turkish, from Istanbul/Turkey. does it matter? 

Self-taught painter (does is matter?) and I've been painting for as long as know myself. As aware of self. It is just a matter of moment, perception, beings, what's happening around here and there. Witnessing this brain, mind, body, soul connection.

With listening hearth.

Isn't it?

Sands in my hair. Tiny crystals in my hair.

In our path, our time, our energy, our flow, cycle, turtle, zurtle, purple...

I went to an art course where I met with my special friend/art mentor and learned from him pretty much: about my art and myself. He gave me the support to walk the path fearlessly and create in own unique way.

We are the creators my friend
our lives are our creations
our canvases.

This art simply

here and now
how ever it wants to
express & flow

only stabil thing is the change. no definition. no limits and corners. but land of possibilities. 

We are endless. No limits. Use fear. Turn that into creation. We are endless~~meaning is in bet-ween~~

meet me in bet-ween 

have a lovely journey

unique journeys in wholeness

and let me know if you have some feelings, thoughts, or whatever comes up when you look at these friends; I would love to hear from one another eyes... from my eyes to yours. cheers.

About: Biyografi
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